Friday, May 18, 2012

Peds and Creeds Part 3

So, Sacraments.

Again, Sacraments seem fairly consistently defined as a "means of grace", though some definitions do include that they can be considered an outward sign of inward grace as well.  Or possibly instead. 

The Protestant Sacraments are Baptism and Communion.

(You know you're getting deeply theological when that many words in one sentence need to be capitalized.)

I've already mentioned that my very young son participates in Communion now.  Our decision to have him participate was a very natural one, not nearly as agonizing and deep as this one is turning out to be.  The church we are in makes it clear that Communion is open to anyone, even young children, so we just took him with us one time - I don't even remember exactly why.  Probably because we loved it so much.  I had no qualms about it, no reservations; my conscience didn't make a peep - and in fact, now cringes at the thought of *not* letting him.  But now that I look back, I realize it was a shockingly uncharacteristic thing for a former Fundamentalist to do.

The way he responds to Communion is really a bit unnerving.  Both my husband and I noticed it immediately.  He's very solemn, and it's clearly a holy time for him. I can't begin to describe how eerie it is to see a barely- two-year-old child have an innate sense of the awe and wonder of Christ at Communion.

Now, if Communion is a Sacrament, and my child participates freely and intelligently in that, why should Baptism be any different?

I honestly can't think of a very good answer.

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